NPD Analyst Thinks Gaming Is Better Off Without Trolls

The NPD is known for their creation of monthly sales data from the U.S. gaming market, and analyst Mat Piscatella regularly runs down software and hardware sales performance in his YouTube channel. He also recently made comments about “toxic customers” in the gaming industry and how he believes they should be dealt with.

Piscatella is referring to parts of the community that spread hatred, which can be seen in the anger at Battlefield V developers for including a female solider, the backlash toward Ellie’s sexuality in The Last of Us, and abuse directed at the Mass Effect developers following Andromeda.

His comments stem from some of the backlash against Ubisoft for banning racist trolls in Rainbow Six: Siege. From the harassment of women to using the n-word, Ubisoft is making their stance clear, which is upsetting some people.

A refreshing change from other companies like ArenaNet caving fairly fast to fan pressure.