God of War Creator Calls out AAA Games for Repetitiveness

David Jaffe, the original Game Director of the first God of War game, has never been afraid to speak his mind and this time is no different. In a recent Youtube video, he blasts triple A games for being too repetitive and says soon enough we’ll feel the same way.

uncharted 4 vs uncharted 1


You might know David Jaffe for his work on the first God of War Game, or from being the Creative Director on the second God of War Game, or maybe even from his work on several Twisted Metal titles, and without a doubt he has always been an outspoken developer. Recently he’s decided to point out just how repetitive AAA games have become. So how does he try to prove his point? He takes aim at the Uncharted series of course. In a Youtube video, which you can check out below, he criticizes Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise for its repetition of their gameplay. From the very first Uncharted game to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End he says that while the overall production is better, as are the graphics, they play the exact same way. 

Though it may sound like Jaffe believes the Uncharted franchise is bad, on the contrary he states he belies Naughty Dog is one of the best in the business, behind only Santa Monica Studio. You can check out the string of tweets from Jaffe discussing this below.



The reason he picked the Uncharted series to drive his point home was simply because of the similarities between the first and fourth game. He says as a result of this repetition soon enough we will no longer find enjoyment in these AAA games because they are basically the same game again and again. He says this will be similar to what happened back in the 90’s where gamers and developers alike began to reject the idea of mascot platformers for a while.

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