Outer Wilds Video Review

You’ve probably heard the name Outer Wilds floating around recently accompanied by accolades and praise, but you might not know quite what this game is about. It isn’t Outer Worlds, a similarly titled sci-fi extravaganza which is also highly anticipated, but the easiest way to explain this game would be to take a small snippet of No Mans Sky in terms of space and load it full of rich, interesting narrative and flood the explorable worlds with unique and interesting details. This is a game that puts you squarely in the roll of being a scientist with some truly beautiful worlds to explore in a way we haven’t quite seen before. Does that catch your interest? Check out our video review below.

The Outer Wilds is a first person space exploration game in which you take the role of a scientist, studying every living thing and every unique phenomena around. You’ll be able to jet around the solar system and explore a variety of planets in your ship as well as step outside in your space suit, using thrusters to maneuver out in the vacuum. Discovering new laws of physics, talking to the locals and learning about the lore of the solar system, and so many other tasks will keep you busy until the real core of the game comes to light (for spoilers, be sure to watch the review all the way through.) It’s a compelling game that is best left going in blind and letting this condensed and rich environment take hold of you with all the mystery the stars have to offer.

Outer Wilds