It’s A Good Thing, Relax

Perhaps you saw that Outer Worlds is being made by Obsidian and began gleefully anticipating the game’s release. This is all well and good, but some things will not be so Fallout. For example, the Outer Worlds map won’t be a massive open world. Instead, the developers are taking a more Knights of The Old Republic kind of approach.

According to Obsidian’s Mikey Dowling, curious players need only “think of what we did in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, with potentially more ground to cover and explore in each area.” This limits the open world potential somewhat, but perhaps a hand-crafted experience will be the better one, in this case.


The source, a recent Kotaku article, goes on to mention that each planet will be broken down into multiple explorable sections. Whether this is good news or not depends on what sort of gaming experience you were hoping for. Open world maps offer tons of freedom, but often at the expense of level design and creativity. Outer Worlds could be the role-playing experience that Fallout fans are hungry for, if this news is any indication. The Outer Worlds will be launching next year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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Outer Worlds Map Not As Open As You’re Hoping