Prepare to Not Be Able to Handle the Heat But Be Stuck in The Kitchen in Overcooked 2

Overcooked has been one of the most successful and beloved multiplayer games of the past few years, and its sequel is shaping up to be more of the same in the best way.

If you’ve experienced Overcooked’s stressful and fast-paced gameplay, everything in this video should look pretty familiar and stir up some anxiety for the culinary impaired. The UI looks a little more cartoonish in it’s art style and the food truck seems to be a rocketship now, which means the developers are indeed implementing some new things, aside from the new cast of Chefs.

Speaking of which, a central point of this trailer is the memerifically titled “Too Many Cooks” pre-order bonus which comes with 5 new chefs including a cat, a monkey, a walrus, a unicorn, and an alien.

A couple new things that can be scoped out include walkways that push the player in one direction and portals that players can go through. According to the official website, throwing food has also been officially included as a game mechanic, which players figured out how to do on their own in the first game.

Overcooked 2

Additionally, Overcooked 2 will support up to 4 people in co-operative online multiplayer, a feature the first game was notoriously missing.

Overcooked 2 drops on August 7th for PC, PS4Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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Overcooked 2 Gets New Gameplay Features Trailer