Some Imported Paints for the Hero Shooter

Another year, another celebration of the Lunar event, which brings more treats for fans of Overwatch. Every season brings new rewards, but only the new year brings adornments that celebrate the East. In today’s case, a new preview has revealed special skins for some fan-favorite characters.

As per the norm, Blizzard Entertainment has built up hype for their new in-game event with a cadence. Before today, they revealed new skins for Brigitte, Torbjorn, and Zenyatta, all of which you can find below. In every event, the best skins usually range from Epic to Legendary, so I hope you have some coins saved up. Otherwise, prepare for a month-long grind.

Along with some fantastic skins that celebrate the Lunar New Year, we can expect the usual confetti. New sprays, emotes, and victory poses await. Who knows what else? Possibly, we may receive yet another game mode, like last year’s Capture the Flag. Blizzard always likes to unveil a new surprise, but we’ll see. For now, take a peek at the fantastic skin for Tracer and Orisa, brought to us by Overwatch Korea.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Players have from January 24th to February 18th to partake in the event and earn the special limited-time loot boxes.