The Heroes Have Brought Their Winter Gear

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event is now live, which brings a host of all-new and returning rewards for fans of the hero shooter. Some holiday-themed events have been added to the playlist, and some maps have been adorned for the festivities. Here’s what you have to look forward to.

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With the Winter Wonderland update, players will discover festive changes to Hanamura, Black Forest, Blizzard World, and King’s Row. As for PVP playlists, we witness the return of Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Snowball offensive. Sure, there’s no new game mode, but the new skins will surely motivate players through this month’s grind. Near the start of December, Blizzard Entertainment started showcasing new Overwatch skins to pick up from the holiday-themed loot boxes.


Overwatch’s new trailer showcases each and every new skin but also teases the new emotes players can earn. This year, top-tier skins include Figure Skater Symmetra, Snow Fox Lucio, Snowboarder Zarya, Biathlon Widowmaker, Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy Gift Wrap Bastion, and Krampus Junkrat. As is typical of these events, themed skins cost more than their vanilla counterparts; fortunately, holiday loot boxes offer better drop rates for limited-time items. Note, however, that it’s still too early to introduce a holiday-themed skin for Ashe, the game’s latest addition to the character roster.

If you haven’t jumped into the game since before November, you may have to redownload the entire game. The Overwatch seasonal update is available now across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and will last until January 2nd.