And here come the variants! Good Smile Company has released images of the first Overwatch Nendoroid figurine to feature an alternate skin. And the hero in question is Korean cutie-pie and video game extraordinaire Hana Song, better known by her call-name D.Va.

Although D.Va already has her own Nendo out in the wild, this new edition features her all-new “Academy” skin, currently featured in Overwatch’s anniversary event. Standing 100mm in height, D.Va also comes with her trusty blaster, removable glasses and three interchangeable – but utterly adorable – faceplates. Also along for the ride is a pint-sized version of her trusty battle tank, Meka.

If you’d like a dinky D.Va for your very own, then pre-orders are now open at the Good Smile Co. website. Academy D.Va will retail for around ¥4,360 (about $40 USD) – not including shipping or any potential customs charges – and is expected to ship in early 2020.

Overwatch's D.Va ready to school some fools with new Nendoroid screenshot

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Overwatch’s D.Va ready to school some fools with new Nendoroid