Mercy me, Overwatch’s angelic support heroine just can’t catch a break. The latest in a series of character tweaks has Mercy taking a 17% reduction in the power of her healing beam.

Other support heroes are also getting tweaks, with Brigitte’s shield bash cooldown being increased by one second and Moira’s regenerative health power being tweaked. Lucio and Ana also have some minor changes coming.

You can find the full list of character updates here. These tweaks will go through when the latest patch hits.

Developer Geoff Goodman posted the update and gave Blizzard’s reasoning for each tweak. As far as Mercy (who got the biggest character change, goes) here’s what he said:

Mercy is intended to be able to consistently pump out more healing than any other healer over the course of a match. While this is currently true, the difference in healing is so significant that it makes it very difficult for other healers to compete with her for a spot on a team. Reducing her healing output will close this gap a little, but she will still maintain her status as the go-to pick for raw healing power. We’ll keep an eye on her to make sure she is still a strong pick.

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[Source: Blizzard]

Overwatch’s Mercy Is Getting Nerfed…Again