At The Game Awards 2019, Microsoft announced Xbox Series X for a holiday 2020 release. “Our fastest, most powerful Xbox will set a new bar for performance, speed, and compatibility,” said Phil Spencer. Read more… READ MORE

These days, it’s rare that you’ll ever see me cover Fortnite – it’s just not my thing, and that’s okay. But every so often, the game does something notable or cool that gets me talking.READ MORE

Half-Life Alyx Is Currently Planned to Be a Singleplayer-Only Experience The Half-Life games are mostly known for being singleplayer experiences but several mainline entries, such as Half-Life 2, did come with less-heralded multiplayer modes. However, theREAD MORE

December 11th Modern Warfare Update Fixes Some Small Issues Infinity Ward released a new patch for Modern Warfare today, fixing small bugs such as things not appearing correctly in-game and several Officer progression challenges. The DecemberREAD MORE

Low Quarterly Earnings Bring GameStop Value down One-Fifth Although GameStop planned to reboot their business model earlier this year, it hasn’t paid off according to the stock market as the company plummeted one-fifth in valueREAD MORE

Artificial Core Developing a Colourful MMORPG Called Corepunk Artificial Core is hard at work on their upcoming MMORPG known as Corepunk, which is currently in Alpha, with registration for the closed beta open on their website. ArtificialREAD MORE

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Valve is Teasing the Idea of Making the Jump to PlayStation Half-Life: Alyx has taken the gaming world by storm. The long-awaited return of the Half-Life series has been something that gamers have dreamed aboutREAD MORE

Click here to watch embedded media Forza Horizon 4 is joining the battle royale bandwagon with an eliminator mode within the Series 17 free update on December 12. The mode starts off with up to 72READ MORE