Richard Marks, an engineer who has worked on experimental PlayStation tech like PlayStation Eye, Move, and PSVR, has joined Google in one of their high-profile hirings of video game engineers and futurists. Marks joins afterREAD MORE

In the July update for Gran Turismo Sport, several new cars are added, as well as the ability to buy cars for real money from the in-game or PlayStation Network stores. Starting with this update,READ MORE

A once-neglected category, fans of games inspired by Metroid and Castlevania have been given all they can handle in recent years. From indies running with the torch dropped by companies like Nintendo and Konami toREAD MORE

Bethesda has revealed that the first footage of the new Doom sequel will hit on August 10, the second day of Quakecon. The game was announced at Bethesda’s E3 conference in June with a CGREAD MORE

Several times in his life, developer Ondrej Svadlena has found himself on the run. First as a political refugee, then as a frightened student, and even as a regular motorist, he knows what it’s likeREAD MORE

Bring On The Spidey Memes Great news, everyone! Insomniac’s Spider-Man for the PS4 has gone gold! To celebrate, the studio made a Twitter announcement accompanied by a very familiar image. Said image appears to beREAD MORE

Abstractism Came With Unusually High CPU Commitment Valve is no stranger to shady games and apps on its platform. Steam has been home to a whole bunch of scummy asset flips and achievement farms overREAD MORE

Madden is returning to the PC platform after a 10-year hiatus, and it’s more than past due. Hopefully, porting the series to the PC is just the first step for the series and the companyREAD MORE

Former Members of Rocksteady, Ninja Theory and More Playground Games has been collecting team members for an upcoming project. Rather than a racing game, such as Forza Horizon 4, it looks like this next projectREAD MORE

La Mulana 2, the sequel to the tough-as-nails Metroidvania platformer from 2005, was given a release date over the weekend and then abruptly released today. Developer Nigoro launched a Kickstarter for the sequel in JanuaryREAD MORE

Pretty much every PlayStation 4 owner is anticipating September’s release of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the open-world superhero game starring everyone’s favorite webslinger. Today, Insomniac tweeted out that Spider-Man has gone gold, meaning that a master discREAD MORE

The PlayStation 4 got off to an early lead this generation, and a steady stream of exceptional first-party exclusives, complemented by robust third-party support, has kept it that way. Whether you just picked up aREAD MORE

Bandai Namco announced this morning that the newest Digimon title, Digimon Survive, will be coming to the west on pretty much every platform next year. Not connected to any existing Digimon timeline or story, DigimonREAD MORE

A legendary toy manufacturer and a phenomenal game are coming together. Today, McFarlane Toys announced a new partnership with Epic Games to release a line of Fortnite figures, accessories, and statues.   Apart from the teaserREAD MORE