We’re kicking off season 5 of Replay by adding some small, but noticeable changes. For one, Leo Vader now has a camera in his booth so you can look at his face when he decidesREAD MORE

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It’s the weekend again, and the G.I. staff is taking that time to do what anyone in our situation would do: play Pokémon Go, “research” arcade games, stare into the void, and apologize profusely forREAD MORE

Destiny 2: Forsaken will introduce an entirely new breed of enemy: The Scorn. These aren’t makeovers of existing enemies, and while they’re technically reanimated Fallen, you won’t be able to recognize them as such; the two lookREAD MORE

You cut through the maze of white picket fences, with a shotgun and only a couple of shells in hand. In the distance, you can hear them chittering. The three friends with you are growingREAD MORE

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Compulsion Games released a new trailer for We Happy Few, the developer’s narrative-driven action-adventure game set in an alternate-history 1960s England. The trailer introduces the game’s three playable characters – Arthur, Sally, and Ollie – and gives another lookREAD MORE

The Pokémon Go twitter account recently tweeted about a benign message encouraging fans to talk about their Pokémon Go memories, but hidden in the associated image is a potential tease for the launch of theREAD MORE