New Switch Accessory Adds Nice Touch to Joy-Cons

The US Patent office revealed a patent filed by Nintendo earlier this year that shows a new Switch accessory. The document shows several images of a stylus attachment for joy-cons. The patent was published on January 16 of this year, but it was filed by Nintendo on June 4, 2019.

Switch Accessory

The stylus attachment is intended for use on the Switch’s touch screen.  The accessory will have no use if you dock your Switch. Images in the patent make it clear that the buttons on the joy con can be while performing touch-based controls on the screen. The example given in the document shows how pressing buttons can alter the effect of actions on the touch screen, such as  making a drawn line thicker or thinner. HD rumble is also shown to function with the attachment.

Nintendo released a stylus pen in June 2019 to enhance the playability of games like Super Mario Maker 2 and Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training. The stylus pen allows for more precise touch controls which are key when it comes to fine tuning levels in Mario Maker. Of course, as users of any Nintendo DS console can tell you, using the stylus and trying to press buttons at the same time can be an awful experience. The stylus attachment in Nintendo’s patent addresses that issue handily.

There’s no reports of when, or even if, we can expect to see this Switch accessory hit store shelves. Nintendo files a lot of patents and some of them never see the light of day. Until then, gamers will just have to theorize how this attachment will be used in new Switch titles.

Source: US Patent office

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Patent Leaks New Nintendo Switch Accessory