And A Trailer And Also Holy Cow There’s A Pathfinder cRPG

I’ve played maybe two Pathfinder campaigns in my entire life, but that’s enough to have me pretty jazzed for the release of this game. Kingmaker, a Pathfinder cRPG, has finally gotten a release date. It’s coming this September. That’s so soon! Also a brand new trailer.


Like so many others, Kingmaker got its start as a Kickstarter project. After drumming up a cool million dollars or so, the team at OwlCat got to work. What they ended up with is an awesome-looking cRPG with all the bells and whistles I’m so fond of: tons of classes, spells, companions and an amazing setting. You end up creating and ruling over your own kingdom too, one defined by its alignment. Haven’t you always wanted a Chaotic Evil town to run? The trailer is also pretty clear about Kingmaker’s Pathfinder roots, which I appreciate.


Kingmaker is set for release on Steam and GOG on September 25th, 2018. There’s a slew of different versions of the game you can order, although all of the content being offered is digital. The bottom tier is only $40, while the super-high tier is almost 90 bucks. Check out the trailer! It’s dripping with Pathfinder style, enough to get me (again) proper jazzed about this game’s release in two months.


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Pathfinder cRPG Kingmaker Has A Release Date