The Crossover We Have All Been Waiting For

YouTube superstar PewDiePie has brushed shoulders with famous people before. In his infamous meme review segments, PewDiePie and sometimes, a special guest will look over the best of what the internet has to offer. Billionaire businessman and a bit of a meme himself, Elon Musk has joined PewDiePie in a previous episode. However, this time around the well-know talk show therapists Dr. Phil has decided to team up with the YouTuber and discuss the nuances and complexities of memes and other issues.

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Dr. Phil and PewDiePie have not had the smoothest relationship in the past. A couple of his videos have received copyright strikes from the Dr. Phil YouTube channel due to using clips from Dr. Phil’s show. But now it seems that everything is water under the bridge.

This is a huge step for PewDiePie despite the fact he is by far the most popular person on YouTube. He has recently just surpassed 99 million subscribers making him the first person to do so (discounting T-Series of course). This is a remarkable feat by the Swedish Youtuber. He is bound to reach 100 million sooner than later. When he does he will be the first individual YouTuber to do so.


This just goes to show how much cultural influence he has by being able to convince Dr. Phil to appear on his channel and talk about memes of all things. No one would have ever thought that this would have been possible even five years ago. As online celebrities garner more attention and fame via the internet it will be interesting to see in what ways they will cross over to traditional mainstream entertainment. If they even have to. It could be entirely possible that online celebrities will surpass TV stars and other celebutantes in fame and fortune.