This Meme Has Been More Trouble Than It’s Worth

Pewdiepie has been the King of YouTube subscriptions for a while, until he was challenged and overtaken by T-Series. The two channels have been neck and neck for the past few months. In a competition of this nature, the fans and viewers are the ones who shape the outcome. Using this, Pewdiepie struck up a meme of sorts to boost his subscription numbers. “Subscribe to Pewdiepie”. Plain and simple. Fans took this message beyond the digital realm and into the real world. They bought billboards, held parades, and all sorts of events to spread the word, but other events have taken place that has Pewdiepie wanting it to all stop.

Subscribe to Pewdiepie

Some people have taken the meme too far or used it in the name of hate. Earlier this year, a World War II memorial in Brooklyn was vandalized with the message. More recently, during the terrorist attack on the Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, the gunman said “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” before gunning down his victims. Earlier today, Pewdiepie called for an end to the meme, in light of these events.

In this video, Pewdiepie recalls the ways this “movement or meme” has been put into action, in both the positive and negative ways. He thanks his fans for the ways they have supported him, but recognizes that the hateful associations of the meme call for an end. Pewdiepie remains that he does not stand in support of any form of racism or hate. This would be more believable if he hadn’t shouted the N-word during a live stream or held up a sign that read “Death to all Jews”. As sincere as he seems in this video, some of his actions and words contradict his message, but the viewers can judge for themselves.

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