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The followup to Obsidian Entertainment’s 2015 Pillars of Eternity was released earlier this year in May on PC. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire has since racked up nearly perfect ratings and has been named PCGamer’s best RPG of 2018. Obsidian has had plans to release the game on consoles, but the process has been slower than some fans had hoped for. Fortunately, the wait is coming to an end. In 2019, we shall see a Pillars of Eternity II console release.

Pillars of Eternity 2 console

What’s new?

The announcement that Deadfire will be coming to consoles was accompanied by the release of its third expansion “The Forgotten Sanctum”, which is available on PC. A new pet customization feature called the “Critter Cleaver”, which is aptly named, is being brought forth. The Critter Cleaver allows you to take your favourite pet bonus and add it to your favourite pet, violently. Alongside the Forgotten Sanctum, Obsidian released patch 4.0 to Pillars of Eternity II. This patch adds things such as a sub-class to every class, new Magran’s Fire Challenges, and two “Mega-Bosses”. These additions will surely enrich the world for new players and deepen the experience and replayability for existing players. The patch also refines some existing features of the game. Details on the update of the DLC and the patch can be found on Obsidian’s forums.


To be clear, the consoles on which Pillars of Eternity II will be released include the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. The Pillars of Eternity II console release will be bundled with all previous expansions, similar to a GOTY release many other games have done. The DLC packs include the newly released Forgotten Sanctum, Beast of Winter, and Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.

Does your experience with Deadfire match up with its raving reviews? If you haven’t played it, are you considering picking it up with it comes out on console? Let us know down below. While you’re at it, stay up to date on our site for more Pillars of Eternity news.

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Pillars of Eternity II Console Release Coming in 2019