This Acardey Flight Game Looks Vibrant & Colorful!

Pilot Sports is a colorful co-op game that’s all about flying planes in vibrant cartoonish environments. Up to four players can play simultaneously and the game features over 50 courses.

Pilot Sports

Billed as a “party game” for all ages, Pilot Sports is a game that’s more about having fun than competing for the top spot on leaderboards or bragging rights. The game’s trailer also showed off some splitscreen gameplay so a group of friends can play it together on the couch.

Here’s a list of the game’s features:

  • More than 50 courses
  • Diverse aircrafts: Airplane, jetpack, parachute, and two different hang gliders
  • Seven different types of challenges
  • Bonus: Unlockable courses to explore the tropical island where the game takes place
  • Eight playable characters


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Pilot Sports is scheduled to come out in September for the Switch & PS4.

SOURCE: Press release

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‘Pilot Sports’ Takes Flight in September