Better Late Than Never

Hey, who’s excited to Modern Warfare? Well, unfortunately you will just have to be patient for another four months. Until then, all you have is Black Ops 4 to sate your Call of Duty fix. Not a bad use of your time with the new update now live. Players now have a way to increase progression rate as well as get more loot with Black Ops 4 Contracts. Complete specific challenges and get rewarded for them. Simple. If you have played a FPS before, Contracts is a pretty familiar concept. In fact, Black Ops 3 had Contracts and WWII had Orders.

Black Ops 4 Contracts

Of course, Contracts is not just copied and pasted from previous games. It now has an extra level of challenge for the COD-MLG-Headshot-DudePros, and for those who just want to get better. The way Contracts works is that there is a global Contract as well as 6 additional ones per gamemode everyday. With four game modes, that gives a potential of 28 daily Contracts. Regular Contracts earn about 1000 xp each, while Hard ones grant around 2500 xp each. Either difficulty can get players a Reserve Crate, which is basically a loot box, but Hard Contracts are more likely to yield a crate.

It appears that the global Contract can be completed anytime within the specified gamemode. The additional 6 can only be completed two at a time; once one is done, claim your loot and choose a new one. The four gamemodes to complete these Contracts in are Blackout, League Play, Multiplayer, and Zombies. Contracts went live two days ago.

Is improving Black Ops 4 a dead end now that Modern Warfare is on the horizon? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Activision