Also There’s A Flash Sale!

In a bold move so good they’re repeating it, PSN users in the US are getting $10 off in their email inboxes from now until Oct 5th. Like the last time, there’s more or less no rhyme or reason for this, Sony is just giving money away. Some people are just getting lucky! Also there’s a flash sale happening until tomorrow, in case you had money left to spend.

psn flash sale Winter

There’s no catch to this deal, aside from the random selection and the exclusively American availability. If you get the money in your inbox, it’s yours to spend – on games and other PSN goodies. If you buy two or more games, that $10 turns into $15.


Also, while you’re spending this money (assuming you got it, you lucky devil you), keep in mind there’s a Flash Sale happening from now until tomorrow morning. There’s 44 games getting discounts for your shopping pleasure. While this isn’t as massive as some of these sales have been in the past, it’s still a pretty significant amount of PS4 games to sift through. Highlights include Battlefront II, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, Fighting EX Layer, Tacoma, Surviving Mars, Wizard of Legend and Steep. Good luck and happy bargain hunting!


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Playstation Giving Money Away Again