The Amount of PS Plus Subscribers Lowered Last Month

A recent Sony financial report revealed that the number of subscribers for PlayStation Plus, an online subscription service, dipped slightly in the time period of March 2018 to June 2018.

PlayStation Plus

According to the official statistics, in March there were 34.2 million PlayStation Plus subscribers but those numbers lowered to 33.9 million subscribers in June.

There was no official explanation given for the drop in numbers but one could logically point to the lack of new, major releases that have multiplayer and launched in June. PS4 owners need to pay for PlayStation Plus in order to play online multiplayer and if there haven’t been many newly-released games that have that feature then it would make sense for some users to cancel their subscriptions.

PlayStation’s official website only lists a handful of games that launched in June and have a multiplayer component.


In other PlayStation news: the PS4 has sold over 82 million units so far, per official sales figures.

What do you think of this recent dip in PS Plus subscription numbers? If you’re a PS4 owner who has recently cancelled your PS Plus subscription then feel free to tell us why in the comments section below.


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‘PlayStation Plus’ Subscriber Numbers Take a Hit