The PlayStation Wrap-Up Gives Stats on Your 2019 Gaming Experience

PlayStation gamers will be able to track what their most played games, top played genre and their hours spent in games using the PlayStation Wrap-Up. The Wrap-Up can be accessed on PlayStation’s official website and it will be available from now until February 14th for Sony fans to check out. On top of discovering where their hours were spent in 2019, gamers will also receive a dynamic theme and seven avatars, all of which can be redeemed on the same page. To show off these new avatars with their friends, PlayStation gamers will have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus for $60 per year.

Playstation wrap-up

Sony gamers will have to log into their PSN account on the PlayStation website in order to see their 2019 statistics laid out in the wrap-up. The wrap-up will tell you what your top three played games of 2019 were, how many different games you played, how many trophies you got, your most played genre, hours spent playing games and whether you played them online, offline or in PSVR. Gamers will surely either be delighted or horrified with the statistics of their playtime being showed off in the PlayStation Wrap-Up.


The free avatars that Sony is offering gamers as a reward for participating in the wrap-up are chosen to reflect gaming personas. Each avatar fits in with a genre and their names reflect the genre of games that you specialize in. The new avatars are called Action Hero, Legendary Warrior, Master Explorer, Master Strategist, Speed Demon, Sports Phenom and Marksman. It’s likely that the Marksman reflects FPS games while the Speed Demon mirrors the racing genre and Action Hero is based on the action genre.

What were your top three most played games of 2019? How many hours did you spend on your PS4? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Eurogamer

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PlayStation Will Wrap-Up Your 2019 Gaming Experience