You Can Move Your Older Catches to Pokemon Home, But You Can’t Move Them Back

To celebrate the launch of Pokemon Home In February, Nintendo is making Pokemon Bank free for the entire month. This move will allow players to easily transfer their old 3DS and Virtual Console captures into the Pokemon Home system – so long as they’ve bought the premium Pokemon Home subscription.

Pokemon Home

Pokemon Bank users will be able to bring Pokemon from all the games compatible with the app to the new and improved Pokemon Home. This means that players will be able to bring captures from Pokemon Sun and Moon; Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon; Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby; X and Y; Gold and Silver; Red, Blue and Yellow over into the new app. Unfortunately, only Pokemon from the Galar region can be transferred into Sword and Shield, but at least all of your Pokemon can exist in one place. Additionally, Pokemon that have been transferred from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home cannot be transferred back.


Getting Pokemon Bank free for a month is nice, but it’s only helpful if you’ve already bought the Pokemon Home premium plan, which costs $16 USD a year. With the Pokemon Global Link shutting down on February 24, it might be the best decision for players who are hoping to still get some use out of their older Pokemon.

Pokemon Home is also compatible with Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu. Pokemon transferred from one of the Let’s Go games into Sword and Shield cannot be transferred back into a Let’s Go game. Let’s Go Pokemon can be transferred back and forth between the Eevee and Pikachu versions of the game.

Pokemon Home will not be compatible with Pokemon GO at launch but it will be integrated into the app at a later date.

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Pokemon Bank Free for One Month