If You Want To Catch ’em All, You Should Probably Act Fast!

Pokemon Go has added the legendary lunar Pokemon back into the mix for a limited time. From now until June 18 the Psychic-type Pokemon will appear in five-star raids around the globe. For those who missed out catching Cresselia last December, you have another opportunity. Furthermore, unlike last December, trainers will have a chance at encountering the legendary Pokemon in its shiny form.

For those looking to catch Cresselia, be advised that it is a psychic which means it is susceptible to Dark, Bug and Ghost pokemon. When entering the battle ensure that your current team includes at least a few of these types. The extremely popular Tyranitar is a good option for this battle.

Cresselia is first introduced into Pokemon lore in Generation IV. It has the power to dispel nightmares and according to legend, holding one of its feathers is said to bring happy dreams. Interestingly, Cresselia is a female-only species.


This is turning out to be quite the summer for Pokemon Go. An extraordinary Raid week is now just coming to a close, and it turns out this was merely a teaser for exciting things to come. The unveiling of Cresselia is to be the first of three legendary Pokemon that Niantic is planning to release this summer. From June 18 until June 27 the water type Kyogre will be available. Following this, you will have a chance to capture the counterpart Groudon from June 27 to July 10.

Are you excited to catch these legendary pokemon? What pokemon would you like to see featured next? Let us know in the comments section below!


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