Pokemon Go Introduces Villains into the Game with Addition of Team Rocket

Niantic is adding Team Rocket and the shadow species to their extremely popular pokemon app. Pokemon Go has been teasing this update for a while now, thus this comes as no surprise. Still, it is exciting to witness the development of the game as it continues to add dynamics and intensity.

Pokemon GO Third Anniversary-min

Team Rocket is one of the central antagonists in the Pokemon franchise. Later versions often attribute a different name to the group, but more often that not, it is simply a reincarnation of Team Rocket. Now those with Pokemon Go can take up the mantle of fighting against the abusers of innocent pokemon. Members of Team Rocket are at various Pokestops across the world.

Grunts of Team Rocket possess the newly-added shadow Pokemon. Upon defeating a member, they drop a shadow pokemon that you then catch with mechancis similar to a raid. The shadow pokemon then require purification, done by using the respective dust and candy.

The concept of shadow pokemon and purifying them stems from Pokemon Colesseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. However, in those games you purify pokemon via combat, whereas in Pokemon GO it is done with dust and candy.


Team Rocket and shadow pokemon surely add a very new element to the game. With viable, universal bad guys, the game continues to move away from a plot-less, hunting game, and more towards something with true substance.

At least for now, we must all try not quiver in fear when we hear the following, intimidating mantra:

“Prepare for trouble, make it double!

To protect thet world from devesatation, to unite all peoples within our nation!

To denounce the evils of truth and love, to extend our reach to the stars above!



Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight!

Meowth that’s right.”


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Pokemon GO Now has Shadow Pokemon and Team Rocket