A Wild Piece of Gaming History Appears!

In the young industry of video games, few games have had as much of an impact on the medium and world itself as the Pokemon series, and thanks to a website committed to preserving the series’ history, key documents from the games original creators have become publicly available.

Pokemon Pitch Documents

Back in its conception, Pokemon actually went by the title Capsule Monsters – inspired by Satoshi Tajiri’s childhood pastime of insect collecting and the popularity of Gashapon capsule toys. According to Helix Chamber, a website dedicated to preserving the legacy of Pokemon, the original Capsule Monsters pitch included the aforementioned documents, as well as an illustrated booklet that has yet to be revealed “in its entirety” by series artist Ken Sugimori including an early map of Kanto and is dated 1990, 6 years before the original games release.

Pokemon Pitch DocumentsPokemon Pitch Documents

As a huge fan of the series and gaming history myself, I strongly recommend checking out the whole document over at Helix Chamber. Frankly, seeing some of the images in such a crude and early stage is inspiring – they’re all simple pen and paper, devoid of detail. Makes the success of one’s own projects seem a little more feasible, doesn’t it?


Pokemon is still going strong over 20 years after its release, with 2016’s Pokemon GO reigniting the Pokemania of the 90s and is currently back at its highest player count since launch after a busy summer of events. Later this year, a remake of the games that started it all will be coming to Nintendo Switch in the form of Let’s Go: Pikachu and Eevee.

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SOURCE: Helix Chamber