It happens to everyone, even the most cautious gamer: you are playing a game with friends and things get a little too loud. When it happened to Jovante A. Williams and his friends during a game of Super Smash Bros., the cops got involved and showed up at the door alongside Williams. The officers were responding to a noise complaint from nearby neighbors, but stuck around to join the fight.

After the cops confirmed that there were didn’t seem to be an excessive amount of noise, they were getting ready to leave before they inquired to Williams what they were playing.

“I’m like, ‘Y’all wanna play Smash?!’” Williams told YahooLifestyle. “And two of them literally raised their hand and walked up. They’re like, ‘How do you jump?’ They were acting; one of them was playing Pikachu!” He noted that they seemed to actually be pretty experienced in the game.

When the officers first arrived at the scene, Williams was pretty concerned. “Of course, you’d bring more cops,” he thought when he first arrived. “It was concerning. You see so many videos of terrible results…I’m not trying to end up in jail or hurt, or have my friends harmed, or to start a commotion. But you know what? I heard the police asking ‘What’s Smash Brothers?’ Instead of something negative…it was something wholesome.”

[Source: YahooLifestyle]

Police Respond To Noise Complaint Over Smash Bros., Join In Playing