The Absence is Already Causing Ripples Around the Twitch Community

Dr Disrespect is no stranger to controversy. In December 2017 he took a brief hiatus from Twitch after admitting to adultery. Now he finds himself in arguably deeper water after streaming live while going to the washroom during E3. Consequently, the popular streamer now finds himself without a Twitch channel and even had to surrender his E3 badge. It is incredibly rare for somebody of Dr Disrespect social stature to receive such a punishment.

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The absence of such a massive personality in the Twitch community is already beginning to show repercussions. Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar believes he has gotten a massive boost due to the incident. Speaking about the subscription increase, Lazara says “I think I’m getting viewers because Doc got banned… This is working out for me really well”.

There doesn’t seem to be a large amount of backlash against Twitch for banning Dr Disrespect. This makes a lot of sense. Strolling absent-mindedly into a public bathroom, while broadcasting to thousands of people, is a clear violation of privacy rights. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins comments on the ban through a twitter post. Blevins writes “It’s a no brainer dude. I love him but when you break the rules you get punished, it’s that simple”. Blevins currently has over 4.42 million followers on Twitter, qualifying his opinion as influential and important in the twitch community.

Fans of the doc can still manage to find some positivity. This is likely not the end of his streaming services. Twitch likely does not want to end a source of over 3.5 million subscriptions. Furthermore, the streaming company has a history of giving leeway to some of its biggest stars. After all, they do not want one of their biggest assets to simply move to another streaming site, such as Mixer or DLive.

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