COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast – Episode 22

Welcome back Press Xers to part two of Press X To Podcast’s taxing, grueling coverage of E3 with a breakdown of all the announcements from Bethesda to Nintendo and everything in between. Join Paul Sullivan, James Paley, and Trevor Houston as they dive in to all the video game glory and what it was like to be there live at E3 including impressions of Rage 2 and that killer performance by party legend Andrew W.K, Sony’s in depth look at their top upcoming games, and Nintendo kind of fizzling this year.

The guys get into that very subtle announcement by Todd Howard about Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 possibly being next gen consoles, Square Enix’s tightly packed conference which didn’t give us a whole lot, and the team loved that dancing panda from Ubisoft – dance on, panda! If you are looking for opinions that aren’t just flying off of the hype train, than this is the Podcast for you as the the Press X Crew gets into the nitty gritty about some of the biggest announcements and looks at them objectively. It’s a great experience and we want you to be right there with us, so please sit back, relax, and jump right in with Press X To Podcast: Episode 22 – Hey, It’s Me, The Party God.

After a long and exhausting trip, we have covered each and every conference from E3 2018! Was there a game we missed that you really wanted to hear the teams opinion on? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.

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