COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast – Episode 23

It’s been an entire week since you tuned in for some rambling good times about video games, hasn’t it? Well don’t you fret, loyal listener, as Press X is here to bring you all the best in the world of gaming. Join Paul Sullivan, James Paley, and Trevor Houston as they finally get a chance to get E3 2018 off the brain and talk about all manner of games and news including Amy Hennig stepping away from EA to start her own company, Sony claiming they can’t do crossplay which Epic has already debunked, and Trevor gets all salty about EA only letting SOME journalist teams go hands on with Anthem at E3.

The guys talk about Sony once again beating out Xbox in their free monthly titles – this time with Heavy Rain and Absolver, James gets annoyed with unnecessarily sexual mobile game icons, and Paul jumped into Fallout Shelter on the Switch. All this plus so much more – including the return of the Perfect List and our much loved emails! – are all just a click away, so sit back, relax, and enjoy Press X To Podcast: Episode 23 – The Adventures of Dirty Barry.

And there you have it folks! Another joyous podcast down with surely several hundred more to come! before we get too far ahead of ourselves, lets check in with the Perfect Tally.

The Perfect Tally This Week: 12

The Perfect Tally So Far: 322

What did you think of our Perfect List this week? Do you have your own suggestions for what should have made the cut? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.

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