COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast – Episode 25

If you’re looking at this article then you know it’s been seven days too long since your last dose of gaming talk with the very best in video game podcasts! Join Paul Sullivan, James Paley, and Shawn Petraschuk as they discuss everything going on in the world of gaming including streamers getting banned for the use of racist language, Shawn harps on Weezer’s cover of Africa, and James is the all new and proud company man in Trevor’s absence! The team talks about Nathan Fillions outstanding Nathan Drake performance in the Uncharted fan film, the rumors of a Gears of War film, and the hilarious mistake in the Aliens: Colonial Marines code that could have fixed the game… slightly. James and Paul spill their guts about their love for Octopath Traveler and Shawn is all geared up and ready for some good old fashioned salt! All this plus a whole lot more – including the Perfect List – are just a click away so sit back, relax, and enjoy Press X To Podcast: Episode 25 – Fist Fight’s with Uwe Boll.

With the podcast over for this week it’s time to check in with the Perfect Tally where it seems the Press X Crew has been taking it easy.

Perfect Tally This Week: 2

Perfect Tally So Far: 327

What did you think of the show this week? Do you have just as nasty a taste in your mouth about Uwe Boll as we do? Let us know your thoughts on the show and your least favorite video game movies on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.

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