Pro Evolution Soccer’s MyClub fantasy football mode is getting an overhaul in PES 2019, including boosted players, cheaper agents, and new ways to train players. Previously developer Konami declared that the changes to the mode would make fans approach it differently, and judging by the mode’s new trailer walking through its features, it looks like Konami was right.

Apart from the additions listed above, players are no longer restricted by the number of players they can sign, duplicates can be retained or turned in, and there are more online events and rewards. Check it all out in the trailer below.

In other news, the game’s demo (PS4, Xbox One, PC) has been announced for August 8 featuring a selection of licensed teams.

For more on the game, check out my hands-on impressions from E3, including more info on changes to the Master League franchise mode.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Trailers Walkthrough MyClub Additions & Demo Details