PlayStation Is Releasing PS5 Accessories Early

PlayStation has officially confirmed that they’ll be releasing pre-ordered accessories for the PS5 ahead of the release of the console. People who have pre-ordered accessories for the PS5 will receive their orders on October 30th, giving Sony fans about thirteen days ahead of the release of the next-gen console to make sure they get them on time, with some postal services taking longer than others. Wario64 is an eagle-eyed leaker who was among the first to notice the earlier accessory release. The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition both release on November 12th.

Playstation 5

“Hello valued customer, great news! We are excited to be shipping accessories early!” proclaimed a recent statement from PlayStation to people who pre-ordered accessories for the PS5. “The new launch date of your pre-order item(s) will now be 10/30/2020.” With the October release of these PS5 accessories, it looks like PlayStation is looking to give their fans a little treat just in time for Halloween. The announcement was followed up with typical shipping and payment information, but the launch date of PS5 accessories has officially been confirmed by PlayStation.


Considering the pre-order fiasco PlayStation encountered with pre-orders for the PS5 console itself, we hope to see these accessories roll out to everyone without any issues. While we know when people who pre-ordered the accessories will get them, PlayStation failed to mention in the email whether or not stores would be allowed to start selling them ahead of time as well. With the next generation of consoles on the nearby horizon, don’t be surprised if you start seeing accessories ahead of time.

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PS5 Accessories Releasing Ahead of the Console