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The masses screamed to the for change, and eons later, Sony answered. Today, the name change feature for PSN user IDs is finally going live. This means everyone no longer has to suffer through an ID fashioned from teenaged angst or juvenile humor.

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As Sony announced today, the long-awaited PlayStation feature has finally rolled out. There are two ways to access your account and make that name change. Before I get into specifics, however, everyone must be aware of the catch.

In their original announcement, Sony claimed that any games launched after April 1st, 2018, would be free of any issues that might arise from a username change. That’s not entirely true, as the testing stages have confirmed. Some games still won’t fully support the new feature.

“All PS4 games originally published on or after April 1, 2018, have been developed to support the online ID change feature. However, since they have not all been specifically tested with the feature, we cannot guarantee that they will support it. For more details and information, we encourage you to refer to the list of tested games before making a change to your online ID. Do keep in mind that the large majority of most actively played PS4 games support the feature.”


That’s right. There’s a full list of games that are compatible with the PSN name change feature. Thus, if you’re backlog is filled with too many games that are not on the list, you may want to hold off on that change; If not, maybe snag a cool user ID before someone else does.

To change your PSN user ID, visit the PlayStation 4 Settings and access the Account Management option, go to Account Information, Profile, and access Online ID. Boom. The same can be done by signing into your PSN account on a browser – Select your profile, click PSN Profile then tap the edit button next to your user ID. It doesn’t seem to be working at the time of this writing, so you can always check tonight or tomorrow.

To read up more on the PSN user ID feature and potential caveats, you can visit the PlayStation blog.

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