While I love the idea of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the trickle feed of game updates has been really tough. Instead of focusing on improving game stability or locking down on cheaters, PUBG Corp has seemingly been putting its efforts towards monetization of its highly popular “battle royale” game. It has led to me giving up on playing the game since I’m tired of jumping onto a server and lagging out or getting random micro-stutters during intense gunfights. Hopefully, that is going to change soon.

PUBG Corp took to the Steam community forums to announce the new “Fix PUBG” campaign that is dedicated entirely to improving the actual performance of PUBG. As the post starts out, “Fix PUBG” is one of the most repeated phrases on any fan forum (such as Reddit) and PUBG Corp is finally listening.

Since we released PUBG as an Early Access game last year, the game has grown exponentially, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have millions of incredibly passionate players like you. However, we haven’t always been able to meet your expectations. Simply put, the game still has many unresolved issues…The bottom line is, you’re the reason for our success. You’ve stuck with us, and now it’s time for us to deliver the fixes you’ve been asking for.

To that effort, PUBG Corp has launched a website where users can track the progress of specific fixes being worked on for PUBG. A quick glance shows some confusing graphs, but highlights that PUBG Corp is aware of things like server stability, geometry streaming, anti-cheat implementation and bug fixing.

PUBG Corp finally lays out a roadmap for fixes in its 'Fix PUBG' campaign screenshot

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PUBG Corp finally lays out a roadmap for fixes in its ‘Fix PUBG’ campaign

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