It Appears Fortnite Will Also Be Dealing With a Ban From Jordan

PlayerUnknown Battleground is no stranger to being a victim to the policies of foreign nations. The game has previously had to cope with political pressure from China, culminating in changing the name to “Game of Peace“. PUBG now seems to be facing further issues with foreign governments as Jordan is banning the game. It also appears likely that Fortnite will also endure a ban.

PUBG fix pubg

Jordan’s Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is alleging the game has a “negative impact”. However, the TRC fails to provide any further details or clarify exactly what “negative impacts” they are referencing.

To be fair to the TRC, it is not difficult to understand somewhat where they are coming from. Not so long ago, in Thane, India, a fifteen year old boy killed his brother for not letting him play PUBG.

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