Great Place to Sharpen Your Skills

PUBG will soon be adding a brand new 8 versus 8 Deathmatch mode. This new mode is obviously going to be totally different from what players are used to. However, many PUBG vets are happy to see this new change. Many players have been begging the developers for a place to sharpen their combat skills and try out weapons in a practical environment. Training serves do exist, but there is a big difference between shooting at targets and shooting at players.


PUBG has one of the biggest skill gaps out there at the moment and it is only going to grow. When competitive shooter have been out for years, it is very hard for new players to pick it up and play. Games like Counter-Strike run into the same issue. However, this problem is only exacerbated in PUBG due to the style of battle royale games. Firefights between players are very short and usually very sudden. This zero to one hundred kind of play has made it tough for new players to stand a chance against an experienced one. Hopefully, this new Deathmatch mode will help hone the gun skills of new players and make them a little more adept in a gunfight when they are in a match.

PUBG has had a controversial existence since it first came out. Many have called the game incomplete or unfinished due to how many technical issues the game continues to face. A lack of content has also been a major concern of the community. Hopefully, additions like this are going to be great ways to win over some of the more doubtful PUBG players.


PUBG is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Moblie.


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PUBG is Adding a New 8v8 Deathmatch Mode