Updates to Erangel Make PUBG’s First Map Consistent With Graphics in New Maps

Erangel is the first map that PUBG created during its launch in 2017. As the game continues to progress and generate new maps, the quality of their graphics will follow suit. PUBG is revisiting Erangel two years later in order to remaster the images and bring it up to the quality of other maps.

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Erangel is an abandoned, fictional island in the black sea. A Soviet military occupation previously resided on the island, where they conducted various chemical and biological experiments on the local populace. A local resistance eventually confronted their oppressors which led to the island being deserted.

PUBG Corp promises that Erangel will still be recognizable to its previous version. In a statement, they say “Rest assured, we’ll bring every effort to keep Erangel feeling like the map you fell in love with while bringing it in line with how players enjoy PUBG today”. Judging it by the trailer, there does not seem to be any risk of that.

The PC test servers for Erangel are now active and will remain open until June 11. Players are only able to enter partner custom matches that PUBG partners create. On June 8 public matches will be available but only playable in squads.

In addition to the graphics update, PUBG is releasing other new features to improve the game. Players will now be able to grab onto ledges, drive different vehicles, and now various weapons affect balance. This is all in anticipation of Season 4 which begins this month. PUBG has been releasing a few things leading up to the new season, such as a crossover with Godzilla.

What do you think of the graphics update to Erangel? Are you excited for the start of season 4? Let us know in the comments section below.