Rage 2’s Next Update Arrives Next Week

Rage 2’s latest update will come out on July 25th and it’s going to add three new gameplay modes: New Game Plus, Ultra-Nightmare difficulty, and an Ironman mode.

Rage 2

“Update 2 is coming July 25 with 3 new ways to play: New Game +, Ironman Mode, and Ultra-Nightmare difficulty,” the game’s official Twitter account tweeted Wednesday. “Plus fixes and quality of life improvements, such as an added flashlight, skippable Ark tutorials, and more!”

Thinking of getting Rage 2? Read our review before making a buy.

“It would be easy to break this game down to its constituent elements,” our reviewer wrote. “You drive, shoot, and soak up loot, slowly growing strong enough to rip the head off of an evil empire. Each piece holds satisfaction and joy that belies its base description, however. Combat in Rage 2 feels smooth as glass, with every gunfight playing to a violent rhythm. Traveling throughout the world is fast and engaging, with every pit stop bringing new wonders of varying quality.”


What do you think of this news? Does this update sound like it’ll fix any issues you may have with the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below the article.


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Rage 2 Is Getting Three New Game Modes This Month