Rainbow Six Siege Review Bombed Following China Censorship

A few days ago Ubisoft announced that they would be making some aesthetic changes to Rainbow Six Siege maps in order to be in line with game regulations in China however this has been met with quite the uproar from fans. In fact, over the weekend these upset fans have had quite the negative impact on Rainbow Six Siege.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege_DustLine

Apparently as a result of this Chinese censorship by Ubisoft fans of the game, mainly from the game’s official subreddit, have been very vocal in their displeasure. So much so that they’ve taken to review bombing Siege with a bunch of negative reviews. These almost 1,500 negative reviews have caused its reception on Steam to drop to “mixed”. Many of the users on the game’s subreddit believe that Ubisoft’s willingness to change parts of the game to appeal to the Chinese market is offensive.

This is the most upvoted comment on the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit written by Qwikskoupa69, who said “If you are changing the game to fit a fascist countries’ [sic] standards then you might as well remove [Tom Clancy’s] name because he is rolling in his grave right now. This game resembles nothing of that what he wrote.” Another comment includes this one by Zarvoth, “By adhering to Chinese censorship they are cooperating with a dictatorship. Like wtf Ubi you can’t do this shit! This against what the West stands for!”


Rainbow Six Siege Expansion

What’s interesting is that many are on the opposite side of the fence here, where they feel that the cosmetic changes aren’t that big of a deal, after all it’s still a game where you shoot people. Members of the esports team G2 Pengu, and fellow player Fabian don’t believe there should be such a negative uproar over some little changes. Pengu stated on Twitter, “I truly do not see people’s issue with this, it literally does not affect you in ANY WAY POSSIBLE,” while Fabian stated, “You lose something you never knew you had before aka slot machines on the wall or some preset blood on a wall in Skyscraper, no biggie.”

So far Ubisoft has stayed quiet on the matter, however who knows if they will respond. What do you think about this censorship? What about the backlash? Have “fans” of the game taken it a bit too far over something so small? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!


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