The Year 5 Pass Might Have Less Content Than Others

According to leaks, the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 pass is only going to have six new operators. This was discovered by a Reddit user, so is not the most reliable source in the world, but Reddit has been right before, and they could be right again. If this turns out to be true, then there will be two fewer operators than in previous years. This drop might sound insignificant but considering that Ubisoft drops two operators at a time, it will definitely be noticed by the community.

Rainbow Six Siege Operators

The idea of having fewer operators added to the game is going to be quite polarizing amongst the Siege community. There have been many vocal critics throughout the life span of the game who feel as though the addition of too many new operators as watered down the game. Then there are those who think that more operators being present has enhanced the overall experience. But you can’t please everyone. It really all depends on how much Ubisoft plans to sell the pass for. If it remains at its current price then expect to see massive outrage.


In December of last year, two of the biggest minds behind Rainbow Six Siege announced that they would be leaving to pursue other projects. This could have a massive impact on the future of the game as well. Siege has been around for quite a long time and has experienced its ups and downs but has remained steady for the last year. The future of the series is still uncertain. There are rumors that a sequel could be in the works as well.

In the meantime, everyone will just have to be patient and see how everything pans out.


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Rainbow Six Siege Leaks Reveal a Drop In New Operators In 2020