The Best Action/Adventure Games of 2018

2018 was a year full of amazing games from all genres ranging from Action/Adventures, to Shooters, to RPGs. As determined by the team at COGconnected, here are the best Action/Adventure games of 2018.


6. Just Cause 4

A third-person action game set in an open world, Just Cause 4 would take this category if it weren’t for the “Adventure” portion of the title. Just Cause 4 is an action flick stuffed into a video game as players take on the role of Rico Rodriguez as he looks to take on a private army in South America, complete with wingsuits, explosions, and more explosions.

5. Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is a stealth action title centered around killing various targets utilizing everything in the environment. Players take the role of Agent 47 once again and traverse the world in search of various targets. The game takes the best parts of the previous title and builds upon it, resulting in a game that earns a place on COGconnected’s list of Best Action/Adventure Games of 2018.


4. Monster Hunter World

Much like Just Cause 4, Monster Hunter World has a lot of action in it, solidifying its place on the list of Best Action/Adventure Games of 2018. Monster Hunter World is as it sounds, players hunt monsters with a variety of weapons across multiple locales. The title brings the franchise into the mainstream with some quality of life improvements and a great gameplay loop that keeps players coming back for me.

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Ranking The Best Action & Adventure Games of 2018