Time to Play Plastic Surgeon with your Avatar

Read Dead Online is implementing a barrage of new features to the game. The latest update seeks to reconcile many of the issues that fans currently complain about. One of the major fixes the update addresses is the character customization section.

Discussing Red Dead Online character customization, Cass Marshall, a reporter for Polygon, writes “Red Dead Online is a very good game mode with one major problem: Its character creator is not great. I spent most of my time with it squinting apprehensively at my avatar’s face as I cranked bars to each extreme, trying to find a difference.”

She continues, “After I rolled out of my first character and watched her in a cutscene next to Rockstar-designed NPC Jessica LeClerk, I despaired at the state of her waxy skin, dead eyes, and weird jaw. I had to start the entire campaign over, and my new character still has weird cheekbones that jut out at certain angles and look unnatural.”

It appears Rockstar is actively listening to feedback on their hit game, writing in a post on their official site “We’d like to thank all of our loyal players for continuing to send us their feedback via the official Red Dead Online Feedback page and encourage you to please keep it coming. We’ve been working on implementing some of the top-requested features for the next major Red Dead Online update – including the ability to reset your character’s appearance without altering your progress, automatically retaining Playing Style preferences (Defensive/Offensive) when transitioning to and from Free “Roam and much, much more.

What do you think of Rockstar improving the character customization in Red Dead Online? Let us know!