Over the past few weeks, millions of people have spent countless hours enjoying the excellent single-player campaign of Red Dead Redemption II. While the conversation will continue about how the story comes to an end and the hundreds of interesting happenings you can find wandering the vibrant open world, it’s time to turn our focus to the pending online component of the game. 

Today, Rockstar Games revealed that the Red Dead Online beta rolls out this week. Tomorrow, owners of the Red Dead Redemption II Ultimate Edition will be the first to ride into the online servers. Wednesday, anyone who played the game on launch day gets to join the fray. Players who first played the game between October 26 and 29 can access the beta starting Thursday, and everyone else can join on Friday. 

So what’s included in Red Dead Online out of the gate? Don’t expect a fully featured experience like Grand Theft Auto Online, which has continually added new content for half a decade. That said, you can still ride out with a posse of up to seven players, set up a camp, smoke gangs out of their hideouts, enjoy outdoor pursuits like hunting and fishing, or participate in adversarial modes in the beta. Look for more information about the mode tomorrow. 

Red Dead Online Beta Rollout Begins Tomorrow

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