Just Gold

Last week, Rockstar Games offered their first act of digital philanthropy in Red Dead Online. Beta participants were given gold bars, cash, and the price of goods was softened. That in mind, the Wild West isn’t without its financial caveats.

Frankly, there was never a scenario in which Red Dead Online was not a grind, but the math behind gold bars is still remarkable. Players can purchase a plethora of items through the sheer use of cash, and the game now rewards more of it. As a matter of fact, the payout has increased by 400% in some cases. Prospects who wanted gold, however, will have to be very frugal. One user on Reddit, the home of savants, calculated the amount of gold required to buy every item in the game; we’re talking horses, guns, and clothing. According to their calculation, you need 2,134 gold bars.


The most efficient farming method is Showdown, the PvP mode that rewards up to 0.08 gold bars for every 9-minute match. Variables notwithstanding, it would take about 2 hours to earn 2 gold bars, and the final product is 4,268 hours to earn everything in the game. Keep in mind that this is the premium currency, and the calculation only holds if you spend nothing but gold bars.

Gold bars also allow players to skip item level requirements. With a premium tier currency that can be purchased via real money (in the future), Red Dead Online may fulfill many fears by being pay to win. Fans of Grand Theft Auto Online know all too well what that kind of economy looks like. Still, we cannot ignore the fact that this online sphere is in beta. As Rockstar implements new content, we can only hope the add-ons won’t mine the gold right out of our pockets. Time will tell.

What are your thoughts on Red Dead Online gold? Are you fine with the state of the grind? Comment your thoughts down below.

SOURCE: Forbes