Buka Entertainment and Sobaka Studio have announced that Redeemer: Enhanced Edition will be coming to consoles this August. Going for $19.99 on PS4 and Xbox One and $24.99 on Switch, the new release will contain the original PC game along with a couple of additions to spice up the title. The biggest inclusion is a co-op mode, which would definitely make a second playthrough a lot more enticing.

Along with taking a friend for the ride, players can now select a class for their character to change up the general moment-to-moment gameplay. You can opt to be a soldier, replicating the original title, or go for a monk, which probably works very well in cooperative play. I do wonder if these features will be added to the PC version, but if not, at least console gamers will have a better time.

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is heading to consoles soon screenshot

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Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is heading to consoles soon