Test Out the New Cold War Strategy Game Regiments

MicroProse is making a new Open Playtest Build for Regiments available for free on Steam now. Set in 1989, Regiments places players on the German battlefield that is split between the NATO and Warsaw Pact forces. The upcoming real-time tactics game is now ready for anyone to try.

This build focuses specifically on the Operations game mode, which will be the game’s main mode. In Operations, players lead their regiment through days of gruelling combat over several maps. The game puts a lot of emphasis on the player’s decisions.

As players advance through their campaign, all losses are recorded and the deployed platoons and obstacles will maintain their positions. Players will also notice the terrain will remain damaged from earlier battles.

Regiments Battlefield Screenshot

Players will earn Operational Points by completing certain objectives, using them to counteract their losses. They will use these points to order more supplies, gain support, request new Task Forces or upgrade their equipment.

However, the enemy side will not wait for players to organize themselves. In Regiments, the enemy will ferociously counter-attack players in Operations mode. Each phase will have one event play out and advance the stages of the operation. Check out the action-filled battlefield with the new trailer below.

Today’s update also brings a host of other changes and improvements to Regiments. This includes AI updates, extra quality-of-life features, refined visual presentation and more units.

If military strategy games are your thing, then give Regiments a try for free. The game promises highly realistic war stray, with a Platoon Command system that puts you in the Commanding Officer’s seat. No micromanagement here, just large scale battles that you can orchestrate.

Have what it takes to win the Cold War? Find out for yourself today.


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Regiments Open Playtest Available Now