Rekkr Brings Back That 1993 Style

Despite the original DOOM being over a decade old, there are plenty of modders who give new life to the classic shooter. One such mod is Rekkr, which takes DOOM and puts it in a Norse fantasy setting, with over 25 levels to explore and a fantastic soundtrack.

DOOM mod Rekkr

Having been in development for some time, Rekkr has just been released for the public, which you can download here. It’s a Viking-themed mod for DOOM which brings the players 25 new levels to explore, all new textures for those levels, a great soundtrack, and, best of all, some puppies…somewhere.


The mod really brings gaming back to its roots with no kind of vertical aiming whatsoever. It should also work perfectly on pretty much any engine you want to use, however for ZDoom variants, make sure you set your compatibility settings for Doom (strict) and don’t jump or freelook, as those hadn’t been invented in 1993 and it’ll break/mess with the visuals.

Other notable differences from the original DOOM include a lack of hitscanning enemies, an array of new monsters, and “just about everything else“.

The story revolves around you, a warrior who recently returned from war to find your hometown has been destroyed by hellish creatures. Set out and explore through 25 levels in a fantasy setting and exact your revenge.

For a closer look at Rekkr, you can check out the trailer below!

What do you think of Rekkr? Will you be giving it a download? Let us know!


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Rekkr Brings Some Norse Fantasy to the Original DOOM