Fragile Yet Utterly Fierce

Slowly but surely all the Final Fantasy games are coming back to Nintendo. Case in point, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD is out on the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch today. To date, this is the third/fourth entry in the franchise to find a home on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

If you’re not familiar with Yuna’s Odyssey through Spira, X and X-2 are a mad journey through a world held captive by mindless evil. There’s Blitzball, beautiful summons, sappy romance, and a plethora of dead people. Entirely too many of them, to be honest. It’s a riot. If you’ve been to Spira a time or two before, having these games on the Switch is a great way to revisit them.


RPGs (like all games of any sort) have a comfortable home on the Nintendo Switch. That ability to drop in and out makes mincemeat of the dusty save systems of yesteryear. The two games lack some of the quality of life fixes seen on VII and IX, but at least they look fabulous. You can check out a trailer below for a better look at what Square Enix has souped up this time around.

SOURCE: Press Release

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