They May have Died, but what if they Didn’t?

In under a month since the Resident Evil 2 remake’s release, it has become a super mega hit. It’s brilliant, scary, and everything a fan wants from a Resident Evil game. It is not done yet, though. Resident Evil 2’s first free DLC Ghost Survivors comes out tomorrow. The title is a bit of an oxymoron; Ghost, Survivors. Ghost means dead and Survivors means not dead. Well, the DLC contains three “What if” scenarios in which three victims in the main game get another shot to live.

Ghost Survivors

In Ghost Survivors, there are three stories and characters to follow. In No Time To Mourn, the player controls Robert Kendo, the gun shop owner that Leon and Ada encounter. In the main game, his fate is left ambiguous, since the player just hears a gunshot from behind a door he had just walked through. Runaway follows Katherine Warren, the daughter of Raccoon City’s mayor Michael Warren. While in the “protective” custody of police chief Brian Irons, she is killed and prepared for embalming as a taxidermy project. Forgotten Soldier features the USS agent Ghost (no relation to the guy in Modern Warfare 2), who has not been given an official name. It is likely that Ghost was part of Hunk’s team that was wiped out by William Birkin.

As mentioned above, these are “What if” scenarios, meaning that they are non-canon. Along with Ghost Survivors, there will be a Training Mode to help players get familiar with the mechanics for the DLC. Along with this pack comes the polygonal skins for Leon and Claire. Once again, this comes out tomorrow for free.

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Source: PC Gamer and US Gamer